Business process modeling and process analysis are techniques which are underused.  A process diagram is a visual illustration of a series of related business activities. A process model is a data set of those same interconnected business activities contained in software.  This software has the ability to automatically render a process diagram from the model data creating a visual representation of the process steps.

It also has the ability to analyze the model data.By executing queries against the data of the model the software generates various reports.  Process cycle time comparisons and process cost comparisons are all examples reports used to analyze a process.

simple diagram 1Process diagrams are created as drawings and used to support other process activity specifications collected to define the use case of a business process. Process models are created as data is collected by interviewing the players responsible for the execution of business activities.

There are a variety of business process modeling software tools which give a business analyst the ability to discover, analyze and simulate process models. These tools range from a simple drawing tool to more complex business process analysis, reporting and simulation tools.  The Guisado Group has experience with a variety of industry leading process tools.

Process Modeling
We are experience using a variety of the simple process diagram drawing tools on the market. The most common we find being used by many of our clients is Visio from Microsoft. We also have experience with a wide variety using the modeling functionality provided in tools. Business process management tools generate application software from a process model diagram Created by drawing a diagram of the business process flow and by defining other metrics important to the process.

Process Analysis
Our firm evaluates relevant process modeling & analysis tools. We document their functionality, rate usability and make our assessment available to users to help in supporting their selection. We rate BPA tools and their standing competitively against other competitive tools in the same category. We make these reports available for download and reference.