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The words inside sales mean different things to different people.  What do those words mean to you?  On this page we describe our view of the inside sales past, present and future.

When you hear the words, inside sales, do you imagine a room full of people making unsolicited phone calls to unsuspecting folks during dinnertime?   You know, those aggravating calls you get at the worst possible time, from people you don’t want to talk to at anytime.  Thank you caller ID.

The business of selling is much different today than it was only a few years ago. What is the most effective approach inside sales 1to selling anything in our online, internet world?  Today, inside sales is not just about those unsolicited telephone calls. It’s not just about selling done the old way.  It is about assisting people to buy, about qualifying the opportunities presented and about understanding the timing and value of any opportunity.

Today, a salesperson needs to do more than just represent the products and services offered by their company. Their job is to help a prospect buy.  First, to understand the value of an offering, then, to become comfortable that a product or service satisfies their requirements and finally, to help the buyer understand and then engage the finances required to make a purchase.

Today, helping both sides come together to a win-win result is the value provided by sales. Doesn’t  that handshake2sound easy? If it was everyone would be doing it. Some businesses need to create awareness for their offerings within the market . This is not selling.  This is marketing.

Selling and marketing are often confused. Creating market awareness is accomplished using demand creation and marketing campaigns. Examples include advertising, mailing campaigns, educational seminars and demonstrations. Email marketing tools are the contemporary method used by businesses to communicate with their customers economically.

Today, the internet and the world of social networking play a big role in businesses gaining market awareness. Among other tools a business needs a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a website to promote themselves. A company’s website is where information on products and services, information about the company and other  details can be found.

Today, a business website is more than just where marketing brochures and company information is stored. A business website must be designed well. It must be easy to use.  It must make it easy to find what ever you are looking for. It must make communicating with the company simple.

Today, you can contact a company easier using their website than calling on the telephone.  On many companyemail icon 1 websites by submitting your email address or phone number you can be be alerted when new information is posted.

Today, many business websites contain a blog.  Blog, short for web log, is where more timely, less static information is posted. This information might describe company offerings, company events or describe how customers benefit by using company products and services.

Every business needs new revenues to continue growing. Some grow through customer referrals.  Many want additional revenue from existing customers. Others want new customers providing new revenue in addition to existing customers and revenue.

How customer acquisition cost is affected is important to consider when implementing any new technology or process changes .  Sometimes finding new customers does involve making those irritating unsolicited phone calls to unqualified people.  Making cold calls is one of the most costly ways to acquiring new customers.  An important cost to manage is customer acquisition. Customer acquisition cost is part of the cost of goods sold (COGS). A lower COGS means a higher profit margin.

Good salespeople gain the attention and trust of a prospective buyer by establishing credibility in themselves, in their products and in the company they represent.  This is done by exhibiting knowledge in the products and services offered and how you gain value through implementing them.  A seasoned salesperson easily articulate how the use of their offerings satisfy a customer’s needs.




The sales process is the act of selling, managing a sale and accurately representing a sales forecast. These are not skills many businesses owners need, want or have. Acquiring new customers is challenging and can be very costly if done incorrectly. High customer acquisition cost is burdensome to any business.

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