The Guisado Group came together in 2008 during one of the worst times for business during recent history. Financial markets around the world were in turmoil.  Large financial companies were failing. The US government intervened domestically.

The credit marketplaces disappeared.  Revolving lines of credit which many businesses rely on for daily operations were no longer available. Businesses were hoarding cash.  Capital expenditures were indefinitely suspended.

Down arrow - bar graphBusinesses, small, medium and large, were struggling to keep their doors open. Some failed. Others were forced to lay off employees, sell  assets, reduce debt  and raise cash.

It became urgent for businesses to understand why they did what they did and become much smarter about how their business operated.  Three areas came under scrutiny within every business.

Foremost, how do companies make sure their business is running as efficiently and effectively as possible?  Inefficiencies come in many forms and hide in the most unlikely places.  Inefficiencies hide in plain sight.

Using advanced process analysis  and business process simulation techniques  our process management group, led by Jim Thomson, assist our clients streamline operations.  Process simulation allows what if my modeling around human and physical simple diagram 1resource amounts. The combination of these two disciplines will provide knowledge based cost savings to business operations.

Second, once your operation is running efficiently, how then do you  make the business grow ? How much growth can be realized before additional resources are needed?  Which resources will be required first? Which added resources will make  the biggest improvements? Efficiently running the business is part of the answer.

In every case growing means increasing sales.  Selling is an art which demands discipline and experience.  From accurate forecasting to consistent closing, our team can hep your firm master all aspects of selling.

One final point.  What is a good approach to managing the money from the profits generated?  Is it best to invest in the business or to invest in the market?  Does your business plan have goals, objectives and a specific time horizon?

Coming together in The Guisado Group are the three disciplines needed to refocus efforts back on  core competencies. Our firm offers consulting for these strategic areas.  We offer financial management knowledge, process management knowledge,  and sales management knowledge offered in a variety of packaged engagements.

The Guisado Group has over one hundred years of combined business experience in these three areas.  If you think we may be able to help your company, please contact us at your earliest convenience.