Sales Management



Selling is a discipline that requires years to develop effectively.  Sales management skills require twice as many years to develop because they’re both the same and different. Successful sales skills are necessary for both selling and sales management. The continued healthy operation of all business relies on a continued amount of sales being made.

Many business owners attempt to play the role of salespeople for their business.  In many instances, this is a mistake taking important time away from other activities required to operate the business. Twice as bad is attempting to play both roles.Performing two jobs not doing either one very well.

Some. businesses require one or more sales representatives in order to generate the needed new revenue for a successful operation. Managing employees responsible for generating sales within a business can be near impossible. In order to effectively manage salespeople you need to both understand  the sales process and supporting functions.

Supporting functions include, but are not limited to, managing territories, managing forecasting, managing new business development along with many other required tasks. A sales manager provides the transfer of information regarding sales activity from salesperson to business manager. The business manager is responsible for the accurate financial accounting of the transactions generated by sales.

Many business focus on their core competencies spending little time on sales and selling. There is nothing about selling that is fun other than closing the deal.  The question is “How do you get to that point?”  A lot has to happen to get to that point in the sales process.

Some businesses grow enough by word-of-mouth only.  To those firms we say “Congratulations!” For many other businesses that is not enough. To those firms we say “We can help.”

How many of your prospective customers woke up this morning knowing about the products or services your company provides?  How many knew they needed what you offer?  How many even know your company existed?

Demand creation and inside sales are where things start.  Do you currently have these capabilities? Do you need to build them?  Have you had a bad experience  with sales people?

Would you know how to interview a candidate for a sales position?

Can your sales be done over the phone or via the internet? Do you “cold call” prospective customers?

Accurate forecast management our team has over twenty-five years of experience which will help you navigate the challenges of the sales process.

The forecasting of sales must be specific, detailed and current.  If you can measure, you can manage.  It is  important to understand not only the steps of a sales cycle but also how to manage those steps.  Understanding where in the sales cycle an opportunity lies is the foundation of forecasting.

The Guisado Group can assist your business in a  variety of  selling disciplines necessary to grow your business by increasing sales or build and manage your sales function.  Sales Enablement most accurately describes the services we offer.