Patience is a Virtue

Buying and selling any financial instrument in the market today is tough.   The “when” to buy or when to sell is the million dollar question.  Everyone knows “market timing” is a at best a gamble. So, what can you do to maximize your profits when buying and selling stock?  Here are a few rules you […]

Finding Pain

I have spent the last 25 years selling.  I’ve completed many formal sales training courses.  I have even taught a few.  I’ve been both an individual contributor and a sales manager.  I have sold products nobody knew they needed and I’ve sold products everyone wanted. In a previous posts I described selling as a 3 […]

Selling is a Process

There are many different sales techniques and sales training methodologies.  There are more “How to Sell” books than there stars in the sky. How then is a rookie in the sales game suppose to know what to do?  Which selling technique is the most effective?  Over my sales career which has spanned twenty-five plus years and […]