Buy or sell puts?

Is it better to buy or sell put options? What kind of transactions involve put options?  How can I profit from trading puts? What are the mechanics of a put spread? A put is an option contract that gives its owner an ability to sell shares of stock at a predetermined [strike] price by a specific [option expiration] […]

Finding Pain

I have spent the last 25 years selling.  I’ve completed many formal sales training courses.  I have even taught a few.  I’ve been both an individual contributor and a sales manager.  I have sold products nobody knew they needed and I’ve sold products everyone wanted. In a previous posts I described selling as a 3 […]

Selling is a Process

There are many different sales techniques and sales training methodologies.  There are more “How to Sell” books than there stars in the sky. How then is a rookie in the sales game suppose to know what to do?  Which selling technique is the most effective?  Over my sales career which has spanned twenty-five plus years and […]